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CONNECTOR: International Non-Formal Event in Cluj

1CONNECTOR creates an interactive “happening” for hundreds of people from all over Europe, people  for whom non-formal learning is the natural choice which completes and supports formal education. View the entire album…

Recognition of Non-Formal Education – Training Course in Weimar

17European youth workers need to be given the possibility to share best practices on the recognition of non-formal education. Therefore the training course “Recognition of Non-Formal Education”, held in Weimar/Germany, between October 10-16, 2014, focused on the exchange of tools and instruments used in different European countries, to further develop a common strategy to be implemented on the local, national and European level. View the album…

Appetizer: Seminar in Turkey

13The name of this seminar represents the entire idea – to motivate (“appetite”) people to expand their activities internationally! The idea for ‘Appetiser’ was born in 2004, where the need for new beneficiaries in the EU “Youth” programme (now ‘Youth in Action’, soon ‘Erasmus+ | Youth in Action’) was expressed. We thought that there are many youth leaders and youth workers around Europe, who organise great activities for young people in their town or in their country, but they do not spread their ideas at European level. Thus “Appetiser” is nothing more than a space for these people to meet, share their experiences, gain knowledge and confidence to organise international projects. View the album…

Reflective Practices: Training course in UK

This course, taking place in Burnley/UK, between 9-16 March, 2014, aims to explore the theory of reflective practice in youth work from a UK perspective. The UK has over 60 years history of professional youth work which this course plans to highlight and demonstrate how this came to be. This course is open to participants based in Estonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey and the UK. Read more…

LEARN & SHARE: YiA Event Bucharest 2013

Learn & Share was an event that where we were not just spectators but also actors.

24 projects seen through the eyes of those who have created and implemented them and 12 open spaces for active experimentation through NFE methods were present at the event that took place in Bucharest between December 5-6, 2013. Read more…

ERASMUS+: Writing Projects (Training Course)

Erasmus+: Writing projects – was a training course for youth workers developing projects in the context of the new European funding programme, Erasmus+, programme to be implemented in 2014-2020! The course was held in Cluj between 18 to 20 October 2013.. Citește mai departe…

COACH2B: TC YiA Predeal 2013

Coach 2B is part of the Youth in Action training program for youth mentors and coaches.

Album Foto - Coach2B


Establishing an NGO was our first TC on which we participated
The TC ran from August 16 to 18, 2013 in Cluj/Romania and had a decisive role in founding Babilon Travel Association. Read more