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Glad to be Part of this Project

I am very glad that I was part of this project! For me, the Pilates coordinated by our good and strong coaches made me increase my mobility, to be more toned, more cheerful, strongI understood what the quality of rhythmically executed gymnastics means. In the project I had the opportunity to socialize more with three old friends, who are also coming to sports. Continue reading

Slovenian guys, you’re an inspiration

Dear you, Slovenian guys,  I love you. I just do, it’s a fact…but I better should find arguments to define this… I love you for all the things you taught me. Even if the project was about “Swim to Live”, you showed me undoubtfully that there are values behind and beyond swimming to live. And they fit values that are deep in my heart and my soul. Continue reading

Swim to Live, Ina’s impressions October 2019

Now, after a few days have passed since the end of our visit to Italy, after the euphoria, the emotions and the overflowing of feelings have faded, now that things sit and filter, a few elements define this experience as unique and special: beyond what is a given of nature, I refer to the wonderful Mediterranean landscape, the architectural specificity of the place, the historical load, the gentle and friendly climate even in October, that what made this experience unique and memorable were the people. Continue reading

Swim to Live 3: Masters

SWILI2-001The New Year is here in a glimpse and together with it the brand new project of Babilon Travel NGO, within the Erasmus+ Sport program of the European Union. Its title: Swim to Live 3 (SWILI3).

It is the third approved project, from a program, started in 2017, and entitled Swim to Live. The first one (2017) was dedicated to adult people that were not actively involved in sport and outdoor activities. The second one (2018) involved children, with and without disabilities, as beneficiaries. The project that will start in January 2019 (Swim to Live 3) is about seniors, age 50+ that are already active in different areas, like sport, learning languages, reading, gardening, playing an instrument, etc.