CONNECTOR – The third edition (2016)

Connector 2016Babilon Travel NGO is participating for the second time to an international event that started in 2014 in the city of Cluj-Napoca.

The event brings together more than 250 participants from more than 35 countries from all over the world.

It will take place in Bucharest between July 5-11.

In a nutshell: CONNECTOR is a space aiming to bring together practitioners passionate about learning in a participative and interactive manner, with a focus on practical experience. The event is based on sharing, learning and experimenting.

Learning by doing and focusing on the participants needs and experience are key elements to personal and professional development.

With these in mind, the main objectives of the CONNECTOR are:

  • to promote non-formal learning in Europe and Romania;
  • to create connections between non-formal learning, formal education and vocational training;
  • to develop a space for identifying the common needs and challenges of all the stakeholders involved;
  • to develop solutions for the identified needs and challenges through projects and network activities;;
  • to create a collaborative space for sharing methods, instruments, practices and efficient ideas for learning;
  • to create future European partnerships, eligible under Erasmus+ programme.

The participants, during the five days of activities will be able to attend various workshops and create happenings for the local community.

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