ContactAsociația Babilon Travel (NGO)

Piața Cipariu nr. 15 bl. IIIA sc. 2 ap. 64,
400191 Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, Romania

Registration no.: 32318780

Banca Comercială Română, Sucursala Cipariu, Cluj-Napoca
IBAN: RO12 RNCB 0301 1521 9753 0001 (Lei)
IBAN: RO82 RNCB 0301 1521 9753 0002 (Euro)
IBAN: RO55 RNCB 0301 1521 9753 0003 (USD)

E-mail :
Site : &

Executive director & project coordonator: Gabriel Csaba Nagy

Project manager: Ionela Răcătău

Found raising: Carmen Trașcă
Tel. 0743353806

Volunteers coordinator: Gabriel Sebastian Nagy

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