Gabriel Csaba Nagy

The president of Babilon Travel Association has extensive experience in working with young people gained in years when he worked as a high school physics teacher in Cluj County. As the owner of a production company has proven project management and coordination teams skills. He attended a number of training courses in the country and abroad, establishing partnerships with other European associations on projects for young people.

Corina Sibianu

Babilon Travel Association Executive Director brings over 10 years’ experience gained in the promotion and management field. As manager she formed and coordinated multiple teams, established strategic relationships with European partners, was actively involved in evaluating and improving the performance of the teams she led.

Gabriel Sebastian Nagy

As student of National College George Cosbuc from Cluj-Napoca, Gabi has been involved in several extracurricular projects such as: Project Grow, a simulation of a mini European Parliament, volunteering at TIFF and RITTO, active member in the Audacia Napocensis Association.

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