NonFormal School in Italy: Call for Volunteers

We have prepared the “NonFormalSchool” project with our partners because together we want to create a space to develop new methods of education.

We want to show the benefits of combining formal and non-formal education, thanks to which we can contribute to achieve better results and improve the quality of education.

We want to fill this gap by implementing a non-formal education project with the help of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), which allows young people to acquire and develop the necessary and valued on the labor market competences that students without a project could not develop (at school and outside). We want to show that formal and non-formal education can and should complement each other.

The theory taught in schools can be used first of all by ESC volunteers and by young people to whom volunteers will go with their activities.

As part of the project the partners will cooperate (formal education institutions – primary and secondary school and a non-governmental organization).

During the project we intend to achieve:

  • Extension of educational offer in our region by combining formal and non-formal education activities;
  • Integrate international, intercultural and innovative elements, motivating to actions over standard duties and supplemented with non-formal education methods;
  • Increasing understanding of education in a wider scope and thus increasing the willingness and motivation for further education and learning;
  • Increasing intercultural competence among young people;
  • Increasing the chances on the labor market by increasing skills and competences like: communication in foreign languages, learning skills, interpersonal and social competences, intercultural competences, civic competence, innovativeness and entrepreneurship;
  • Deepening of European citizenship;
  • Increasing independence;
  • Independent work and responsibility for self-development;
  • Building a positive image of international mobility projects and their recognition as enriching by the local community;
  • Reflection on self-development and increasing competences by broadening to new horizons and perspectives.

Participants’ profile:

  • Romania citizen or resident;
  • Age 21-30;
  • Good level of English (B2-C1);
  • Ready to conduct activities in English in class with the kids;
  • Be available to do afternoon workshop activities in English (theater, sports, art). The volunteer will be accompanied at all times when teaching and working with the children.

There is no special profile of the candidate in this project. ESC volunteer does not need to have special qualifications or skills, as it would exclude many volunteers, tough priority will be given to those who have a good proficiency in English.

The candidate will be selected by the sending organization, Asociatia Babilon Travel, located in Romania. The most important selection criterion is the volunteer’s motivation and his/her willingness to be active in the place where he/she was elected.

Location: The hosting organization will take care of finding a suitable accommodation for the volunteer as well as pay for it during its working exchange. The school is located in the territory of Seggiano and Limito, fractions of the municipality of Pioltello, Milan. The two villages, Limito and Seggiano, are separated by the Milan – Venice railway line, and connected by the opening of an underpass.

The volunteer will receive a fixed quantity of 5€ per day plus pocket money to cover for the living and transportation costs.

The info pack for the project can be downloaded from here.

In case you are interested to apply as a volunteer in this project, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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