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visually-impaired-logoAsociatia Babilon Travel is partner and sending organization for the Erasmus+ Project VI, financed by the European Union and coordinated by Act Global CIC UK.

The main activity of this project is a training course that will take place in Swindon, England, UK, between August 17-23, 2015. The 30 participants to this training course will be selected from the following countries: Romania, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The training course aims to give confidence to those developing international activities under the Erasmus+ programme, the confidence and skills to engage visually impaired (VI) and blind young people into their future projects.

The training course will increase the opportunities available for blind and VI (visually impaired) young people in the realm of international non-formal education projects. Many organizations that deliver such international work, are unaware or unconfident on how to include these young people in their projects and activities.

The objective of the course is to bring together participants from organizations and institutions that already deliver international projects and support them to obtain the skill to engage blind and VI young people, learn how to make adaption to the activities they already deliver and make their project more accessible. The project will conclude with partners writing application for further international work that include VI and blind young people.

Through this training, the participants will:

  • learn about the international dimension of non-formal education;
  • how to access further opportunities and learn about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • improved competency of youth workers working with VI and disabled young people;
  • better understand and respond to social diversity;
  • increase ability to address the needs of visually impaired and disabled people;
  • increase self-empowerment and self-esteem of visual impaired young people;
  • enhance inter-cultural awareness of the participants;
  • learn how to make an international project with blind and VI young people;
  • develop a greater motivation for taking part in future (formal/non-formal) education activities;
  • increase motivation for VI and disabled young people to partake in outdoor activities and sports;
  • increase awareness and understanding of the European projects and the EU values.

Participant’s profile:

  • youth workers, educators, teachers, youth leaders, volunteers, trainers, project managers;
  • age 18+;
  • ready to attend all the activities of the training course during all 7 days;
  • English language speakers, since this is the official working language;
  • multipliers of the outcomes of the training and capable to disseminate the results in their organizations and community.


  • the project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union;
  • there is no participation fee;
  • the costs related to accommodation and food will be completely covered by the hosting organization;
  • travel tickets are refundable up to the limit below, subject to giving the organizers the return travel tickets (economy class, no taxi) and all boarding passes;
  • maximum travel reimbursement per participant:
    • Romania: up to €360
    • Greece: up to €360
    • UK: up to €180
    • Poland: up to €275
    • FYR of Macedonia: up to €360

To participate to the Project VI training course, you have to send an e-mail to, with your name and contact information and complete the application form accessible here. If you don’t have a SALTO account (SALTO is a portal of the European Union), you need to register before accessing the application form.

Deadline for the application June 5, 2015. The selection procedure will end on June 15, when the results will be announced.

To get a taste of what will happen during the training you can access the outcomes of a similar project that took place in 2014: Empowering Young Disabled People to Take Action in Europe (Burnley, UK).

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Asociatia Babilon Travel at

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