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Swim to Live 2: Continued (Part 2 – Slovenia)

The Swim to Live 2 project, part of the Erasmus+ Sport small collaborative partnership between Slovenia, Italy and Romania, continued with a 3 day transnational meeting in Ankaran, Slovenia, during May 10-13, 2018.

The participants shared their experiences gained during the previous parts of the project, made a lot of indoor and outdoor mindfulness sessions and had a lot of fun. Continue reading…

Swim to Live: Adaptive Sport as tool for Inclusion

Swim to Live! is a collaborative partnership formed for an Erasmus+ sport project for the year 2017.

Our goals are oriented towards making a habit of regular swimming activities, gaining knowledge for swimming instructors, learning how to promote good practices, influencing local environment for club leaders and as a result, we will launch a certificate of competency – Swim to live license for instructors.  Continue reading…